Leadership Coaching



Leadership Coaching

Pursue your passions.

Ignite your talents.

Love Your Life.

Invest. Transform. Repeat.

The Transformation

You can …

… become the judge of your own value.

… become the guardian of your time and energy.

… become the leader you wish you had.

Positive intent is a paradigm shift that will bring you peace of mind, strengthen your support system, and help you step into an entirely new way of being. It is a mindset built for modern leaders, anchored in ancient wisdom and the timeless principles of generosity and curiosity.

The Rub

Here’s the thing. The people around you—those who are closest to you—they love and support you, and they always will. But they aren’t going to push you to change, simply because like most people, they aren’t actively seeking change themselves.

But you want to be pushed. You want to know that you’ve maximized your potential. That you’ve lived the life you wanted to live. That you’ve done as much as you possibly could in the time you’ve had.

The people closest to you aren’t the ones who are going to push you.
And if they won’t, who will?

I’ve Been There

I was successful, but not quite content. I was working too many hours, doing work I don’t love while losing time with my loved ones.

When I discovered the power of positive intent, everything changed. I was more generous to myself and my family. I became more curious in challenging situations.

I’ve become a better parent and a better leader. My work has become both easier and more fulfilling. I love my life, and I want to share this transformation with others.


If you’re ready to take control, find peace and achieve balance, let’s talk.


James Leonard is a deep thinker and a generous listener. He also possesses a keen eye for detail and the discernment to hone in on what’s essential. If you’re ready to develop and deliver on your potential in an endeavor that makes a difference, I encourage you to connect with James now.

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