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Happiness and success can seem elusive, but James Leonard’s unique philosophy of living with generosity and curiosity makes me feel that both are within my grasp.  His writing has helped me view life from a new perspective, inspired me to live better, and given me the tools to make it happen.

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Positive Intent

I wrote a little book called Positive Intent: Five Principles to Improve Your Life and Leadership.
It has its own page



I write frequently on Medium about leadership, life, death, philosophy and other things. My work has been featured in publications like The Startup, The Ascent and A Philosopher’s Stone. Follow me and find my articles here.



I also occasionally write on LinkedIn. You can connect with me here and find my articles here.



The writing I’m probably most proud of is Tokens, my daily blog of rigorous generosity and unwavering curiosity (and a neat checkerboard Instagram profile). I blogged every day for more than six months, before putting Tokens on hiatus to focus on my coaching and other writing. The website is not currently being updated, but the search function remains useful.



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